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Keep Going!

by Robalu Gibsun

soul gallery no casualties i just wanna eat candy, no cavities nutrition for my soul wanna go to the show but tired of telling people commissions are slow oh no promoting on social media got me feeling like a hoe for the capital i wrote lowercase flows if i tell you i got 20 dollars to my name they'll call me broke or lame with a cane who bought hip hop? who stars get crossed? so explicit you caught concussion who bars hit warden head? who art went to war with crim-in-als calling us criminals? they flipped the jail into a justice center bro only dimwits don't notice nothing changed but the chains on the path to fame been to hollywood & merked the stage boxed in make up like i urned the blaze want me to perform a set for free put your feet in the place i'm in if it's not charity, pay my rent you salty dissolving from hidden slugs live with regrets? i don't deserve this love history got me stuck i'm not lazy, you playing semantic games pop sockets, word twister for gravitas like ms cleo dealing tarot cards rubbin magic balls stake woke be a freak (arfrique) like second biggest continent seconds ticking on my pen chef is flipping waffles plan next to win exhausted fans yeah yeah yeah yeah aughgh soul gallery no casualties i just wanna eat candy, no cavities nutrition for my soul wanna go to the show but tired of telling people commissions are slow oh no
I am not a rookie Been in the game ten plus Why y'all won't book me? Blackout funnel clouds grinding like cookie Orange mango body armor, bottle tight, shook me Funk like older niggas Pump like soap dispenser (go) Every line a sly oath Best part of waking up is (what?) Sampling your idols (yeah) Journaling para mi hermanos Bye bye germs aloe vera gel sanitize ya manos (woo) I woosa the woo-has then wamp wamp you new guys (argh) Flunked I been moved out (mmm) Trumpets thru the boombox (whoaaa) Yeen Seen Nuthin Yet I'm a legend huh you bet Yeen Seen Nuthin Yet I'm a legend huh you bet Robalu: I go Hitmon champ I go Hitmon lee without broccoli What could I achieve Gangaskhan Gang is on Pretty Jenny get me giddy I'm dapping up the vatos Go Zapdos in zapatos Cheap vodka on the rocks ho Extra sauce on my nachos Show me what you got for a lambchop chop it up Need it pitch black turn that lamp off Yeen Seen Nuthin yet We the legends huh you bet! Ducttape Jesus: My soul is halfway open mix the rum up with the Coke then I'm feeling like i'm chosen Kush and chuck e cheese tokens oh girl my pockets swollen Mach 4 in the drive way closed in Oh how you want me to propose then I say my foundations broke Crystal chocolate woman on posters I love you like a little lotus Adjustings in my whole focus 'amn, I say Adjusting my only focus how you want me in potion? O o o ah ah ah aaaa aaa aaaa ahhhhhhhhhh Baila! Can't buy love Said you ain't seen nothing yet I'm a legend yes you bet
robartistic, robamazing iron rusted from torrential rain like a slave breaking petty chains so i'm oxidation many draw, many paint from born to slain, monsters patient tidal flow, gulp a wave y'all pro & con weighing i'm a pro at conversation draw on a wall, Robalu is my name Made a pact like indigenous french kill minute man, like red coat teeth yellow like minute maid dope as opium, bare smoke turn adolph into Rudolph ya puppy was rednose volitile like pac on death row turn ya head i'm pulling ya red bone honor who fallen, I do anything I'm painting preceded the frame sewage leaking on the beach of the james windmills fanning feet caught flames top rocking over beats then I break like enjambment stakes made them panic Craftmanship Candid You clowns meddle, I canned it til the verse fit, i'm manic mighty morphing morphine addict underwater birth endorphins dolphins like a Douala deliver newborns into contortionist been the shit since diapers you taught me how to cypher no mic, I project supporting me like gentrification buy all my projects just kidding dog barking like fuck niggas one line a time, I don't rush writtens Camel in the desert, I got More to spit Why my fight for human rights so uncivil? this rob, when we align, love is trending hip hop been diy from the beginning even though we don't get the credit roll after the movies conclusion raw from the soul, I don't need edits 99 percent agua, I don't eat lettuce Adult dream clever puns they call on me to better us order ceased, I sever trust they follow me to level up my soaring speed left feathers dust the art of rhyme can't measure up to my rule of thumb shine so hard y'all got sunned clouds darken, wind picked up mile markers ripped & flung sly artist spit the best art of spin, twister path when I share my gift of rap take cover where no windows at


I release "Keep Going!" a 16-track, 29-minute project of smooth lyricism, raw poetry & turn up songs - reflecting my journey thru love, self-discovery and following my dreams during the pandemic. Enjoy!


released February 5, 2022

Ty Sorrell
Professor Ant
Lectrik Med

Ducttape Jesus

Cover Art:
Rob Gibsun


all rights reserved



ROBALUTION! Brooklyn, New York

artist statement: i will create impactful art that will feed my fam beyond my life

feel free to donate! i'm saving up to buy more art supplies :)

commission/booking: robartistic@gmail.com

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